Research on the factors determining the use of dialect in the Netherland against the background of sociocultural developments. Dutch Identitycrisis.

Ton Goeman & Willy Jongenburger (2009a) Dimensions and determinants of dialect use in the Netherlands at the individual and regional levels at the end of the twentieth century.
International Journal of the sociology of Language 196/197 [Dialect Death in Europe? David Britain, Reinhild Vandekerckhove & Willy Jongenburger (Issue eds.)], 31-72.

Plot and interpretation of factor loadings of table 3 (p. 46) (see here as pdf).
Attitudinal dimensions with respect to speaking one’s vernacular dialect are generally interpreted in terms of solidarity and distance. In this study we make a case for an interpretation as acquired dispositions in terms of attitude formation during one’s life course (Time):
1) Dialect attitudes are acquired in
childhood within the family by contact with parents and siblings.
2) Dialect attitudes are modified in
one’s own, later life sphere, like marriage/partnership in contacts with one’s children, friends, colleagues, and neighbours.
3) Dialect attitudes change in contact with
other persons, strangers and officials like one’s general practitioner.
(Solidarity and distance could be secondary to this development).

Talk sabbatical in Marburg
A.C.M. Goeman (2006)
Die Determinanten von Dialektsprechen in den Niederlanden unmittelbar vor der Holländischen Identitätskrise. Graduiertenkolloquium, Forschungsinstitut für deutsche Sprache, Deutscher Sprachatlas; Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Duitsland, 15-02-2006.

Research on adjectival inflection

Workshop at Variflex start off
Ton Goeman (2003)
Adjectival Flection and N-deletion in the Dutch Dialect Regions. Workshop Variflex-Variation in Inflection, 21 augustus 2003, Meertens Instituut Amsterdam

Research on umlaut in Dutch dialects

Goeman, T. (2008) Morphological umlaut in verbs in present day Low Saxon and Low Frankish dialects. Workshop on Umlaut in Germanic dialects. Meertens Workshop on Umlaut, Amsterdam, 12-6-2008.

See also: Goeman, T. (2004)
Morfologische umlaut in werkwoorden: Umlaut bezien vanuit het Noordoosten. In: Caluwe, J. de & G. de Schutter & M. Devos (ed.). Taeldeman. Man van de Taal, Schatbewaarder van de Taal. Gent : Academia Press & Vakgroep Nederlandse Taalkunde Universiteit Gent, 2004, pp. 455-471

Short history of sound recording at the Meertens Institute 1935 - 2006 (in Dutch)

Sound recordings: Soundscapes of the period 1935 tot 2006