De Saussure

The other De Saussure

The linguist De Saussure is outside linguistics nonfamous. His 18th century family member is in Chamonix, as elsewhere much more famous than the linguist. Horace Bénédict  de Saussure was the leader of the 3rd party to reach Mont Blanc's summit and did several experiments on the top (4807). He opened an itinerary that remained a classical one for years, the "voie Saussure". His name lives on in the Aiguille de Saussure" between Mont Blanc and Mont Blanc du Tacul. He was a natural scientist and was already somewhat guilty of “sloppy science”; from the voluminous volumes with the report on his climbing and descent of the Mont Blanc "Voyages dans les Alpes" he discarded the original colored etchings showing him with embonpoint in a grand bourgeois red coat, going up holding a the rod, held horizontally by two guides. And going down on his buttocks, withheld by a rope from the same guides. The published versions show him very svelte, and going down on his feet. 18th century data massage.